Our 7 favourite vegan recipe blogs in 2022

vegan recipe blogs

Trying new recipes can be intimidating, especially if the ingredient list is extensive or if there are a load of utensils you’ve never even heard of before.

Don’t be discouraged! 

Take a chance on new recipes with the help of these fantastic vegan food bloggers. 

Step-by-step videos, pictures, and directions will guide you through the process as painlessly as possible. These vegan recipe blogs often go beyond just recipes and feature fun vegan humour, tips for skincare, product recommendations, and so much more. 

Connoisseurus Veg

Former lawyer Alissa Saenz started this vegan food blog in 2013 as a hobby. She loved cooking delicious vegan food and wanted to share her favourite recipes with the world.

Since then, it has grown into a successful blog with thousands of followers, complete with pictures and videos of realistic vegan dishes alongside funny memes and thoughtful quotes. You will find everything from easy, beginner-level recipes to more complex, challenging dishes in the recipe index. 

While some sites include vegetarian recipes, this blog is 100% vegan. There are plenty of gluten-free and whole food options. Plenty of others use ingredients that wouldn’t necessarily be considered health foods, but the goal has always been to share tasty vegan recipes that a wide variety of people will enjoy.

This blog loves to interact too and welcomes inspiration from followers!

Oh She Glows

What started as a personal journey to improve her relationship with food became a successful career complete with cookbooks, blogs, apps, and more, for blogger Angela Liddon.

In 2008, she decided to take her interest in healthy, vegan recipes and create an online presence to share with others. Since then, her popularity has grown, and she was approached to write a cookbook based on her plant-based favourites.

The Canadian has released three books and enjoys inspiring others to try new things with their own cooking. Every recipe is vegan; most can be adjusted to accommodate allergies.

You can also find reviews and suggestions for skincare and kitchen products since veganism is a lifestyle, not just a diet.

The app is a handy addition that is regularly updated with gorgeous recipes at your fingertips. Most ingredients are whole foods, and there is an emphasis on colourful, healthy recipes for the entire family. 


Instagram favourites Henry and Ian combine fun British humour and creative recipes to inspire the masses. They are passionate about the planet and aim to show how easy it can be to make flavorful, simple dishes without animal products.

The popular blog has fans worldwide, and some of the most loved recipes can be found in their many books.

The blog itself goes beyond recipes with everything from inspiring stories, reviews, updates about their TV series, and more. Even food products are available for those looking to bypass all those delicious-looking recipes. 

Minimalist Baker

While it is not exclusively plant based recipes, Minimalist Baker does offer a massive collection of recipes suitable for vegans.

Dishes are easily sorted into categories allowing you to find the exact type of recipe you are looking for. Everything from sauces, snacks, main dishes, sides, and desserts can be found in the recipe index, despite the use of “baker” in the name.

The minimalist title does hold true as every recipe falls into at least one of the categories: ten ingredients or less, thirty minutes or less, or one bowl for preparation. 

Dana and John began the blog in 2012, focusing on simple home cooking. They understand that branding and sponsors can sometimes cloud followers’ trust, so they do not promote outside brands on their blog. The integrity and simplicity of their mission are appreciated as they enjoy a significant following.

Vegan Richa

Known for its impressive Indian-inspired dishes, this blog began with a few recipes and has grown into several cookbooks, television appearances, and features on other blogs.

The founder, Richa, started cooking and blogging after recovering from serious health ailments. She loves to experiment with recipes and ‘veganizes’ many traditional recipes found on her blog. 

Richa shares tips for cooking as well as blogging on her page. There are videos, pictures, and a FAQ section to assist if you are unfamiliar with techniques or ingredients.

She has created a few cookbooks, which include some of her most popular recipes. Many recipes are oil, soy, and gluten-free as well. 


Many traditional southern and midwestern dishes are not exactly vegan friendly. Mother and daughter team Linda and Alex have made it their mission to create fantastic vegan dishes based on traditional favourites.

Their blog is filled with pictures of comfort food creations like casseroles, sandwiches, desserts, and more. You can even follow one of their meal plans to relieve the stress of deciding what to have for dinner. 

The blog has received many accolades and boasts thousands of followers. Favourite recipes are likely found in one of their cookbooks or by searching through their convenient recipe finder. 

Tabitha Brown

While not a traditional blog, the website of Tabitha Brown is most definitely worth a mention when it comes to inspiring vegan recipes and representation.

Tabitha is known for her vegan food reviews and entertains thousands of followers on YouTube, TikTok, and other social media outlets. Her message regarding how going vegan saved her life is powerful and has been viewed by millions. 

Finding new and exciting ways to spread positive messages about the vegan life and plant-based living is extremely important. You may not find an extensive recipe selection on Tabitha’s page, but you can view her making tasty-looking vegan recipes and give them honest feedback. She has also made it her mission to push for healthy options for everyone, no matter where they live. 

Eating the same meals day after day can get boring. Following a vegan blog can inspire you to try new recipes to switch things up a bit at your table. The beautiful photography and videos can spark that appetite and provide the motivation to give those more challenging dishes a try too. Perhaps, with a bit of practice, you will even have some new favourites to share with your family and friends…

(If this has whet your appetite for vegan food, check out Toni’s 9 Best Books To Start a Plant Based Diet, there’s some real inspiration in there too!)

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