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Tofu is a staple in any vegan diet—and it’s not just because it’s delicious. Tofu is a great source of protein and has a lot of health benefits.

Tofu is made from soybeans and is high in iron, calcium, and other minerals. It also contains all nine essential amino acids.

Additionally, Tofu is packed with phytonutrients—natural plant chemicals that have been shown to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, and fight cancer cells!

So what can you make with tofu? You can use it in everything from stir-fry to smoothies to desserts!

It has a neutral taste which makes it perfect for pairing with any type of seasoning or sauce.

Why You Need a Tofu Press to Get the Best-Tasting Tofu in Recipes

Tofu is a great ingredient, but it can be hard to get the exact texture you’re looking for.

If you have tried to cook tofu, and it came out too soft or bland for your liking, despite your best efforts, do not despair! Before tofu can be crisp and flavourful, it needs to be pressed.

A tofu press is a simple kitchen tool that can turn bland tofu into a tasty and nutritious meal.

It removes excess water and makes the texture of the tofu firmer and denser, which enhances its taste and means it can better absorb the flavours in meals. 

So what makes the best tofu presses?

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for one.

First off: what material do you want your tofu press to be made out of?  Some people prefer bamboo while others are more interested in plastic. Whatever your preference is, there’s an option out there for you 

The next step is to look at how easy it will be to clean your tofu press. A lot of people don’t realise how important this is until they’ve owned their tofu presses for a while, only to find themselves struggling with grime buildup or rust spots (or both!). Before you buy, make sure you know how much effort will be required to keep it clean so that your new kitchen gadget won’t end up being more trouble than it’s worth after a few months or years have gone by!

Another important factor to consider is durability. You want your press to last through many uses so that you don’t have to replace it every time you want to make some tofu. Check what kind of warranty is offered with the product before purchasing.

You should also consider the ease with which your press can be used, as the easier it is to use, the more likely you are to use it in the first place!

Lastly, take a look at the size, tofu presses come in all different shapes and sizes, so think about the space you have available for storage, will it fit in your kitchen cabinets?

We’ve rounded up the 7 best tofu presses available to buy so that you can find the one that will make your life easier in the kitchen.

Whatever your needs are, we know that one of these models will fit them perfectly!

  1. Tofuture’s Tofu Press: MOST POPULAR 

Tofuture’s Tofu Press is the Original and most popular choice of tofu press for transforming your tofu.

It has a revolutionary design that allows you to leave your tofu pressing in the fridge without having to return to it to increase the pressure.

The water collects in the outer container, so it is mess-free with no need for kitchen roll.

The company will not only guarantee your satisfaction, they will also be on hand to offer immediate and personal customer service in the unlikely event that there are any problems with the press.


  • Made with top quality, certified for food-use materials and BPA-Free
  • Easy to clean and store and dishwasher safe


  • It is made of plastic, so it is not quite as durable as a press made from stronger materials.
  1. TofuBud Tofu Press: Best Tofu Press for FAST RESULTS

If you love tofu but hate the mess, you’ll LOVE the TofuBud Tofu Press.

It comes with 2 pressure levels so you can choose the desired pressure level for firm tofu, extra firm tofu, and even gently drain silken tofu. It drains moisture in only 15 minutes, even from extra-firm tofu.

It also comes with a removable drainer at the base of the tofu press that contains all the drained water. This makes for tidier drainage and super easy removal of water from the tofu press afterward.


  • SIMPLE TO CLEAN, STORE, AND USE- The tofu presser consists of only 6 basic parts and is simple to assemble. It easily fits in the fridge and is dishwasher safe.
  • It’s made of high-quality recyclable, 100% food grade, BPA-free, and BPS-free materials. 


  • The sliding top of this press doesn’t lock in place as securely as others.
  1. Tofu Press By Grow Your Pantry: Best Bamboo Tofu Press 

This Tofu Press by Grow Your Pantry is made from bamboo and stainless steel, and it has a unique design that means no tofu is too wet to press.

It’s easy to assemble, clean, and use – even for people who have never pressed their own tofu before.

The secret to its success is in its slotted holes, which allow faster drainage of excess water, creating perfectly firm tofu in around 15 minutes meaning you can get to making your delicious, crispy tofu ASAP!


  • It is made with the finest bamboo – strong, fast-growing, and sustainable. And from high-grade stainless steel that won’t rust.
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a bonus tote bag for storage and a handy e-book guide.


  • Some customers report the springs are difficult to adjust.
  1. that tofu thing – Tofu Press: Most Unique Design 

This tofu press puts you in control.

With its unique design, you get more feedback and control than any other tofu press on the market. The dual orientation design lets you use That Tofu Thing vertically on the sink drainer or horizontally, whichever you prefer.

The lattice panels on That Tofu Thing are the key to its power. They allow water to escape from all six sides of the tofu block—meaning drier tofu, quicker.


  • Unique single-screw design
  • Made in the UK from high-quality engineering plastics, this product will last.
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Storage bag provided 


  • Some customers would prefer a wider design
  1. Maison and White Tofu Press: Best Value for Money 

The Maison and White Tofu Press is a simple, sleek design that makes it super easy to get the most out of your tofu. Retailing at around £10, it’s amazing value for money.

The press uses two screws to apply pressure to your tofu, draining any unwanted water with ease. It fits most sizes of tofu blocks and is very compact for simple storage.

It’s made from HDPE plastic, making it easy to wipe down after use, ready for your next pressing session!


  • Comes with a 2-YEAR WARRANTY
  • Compact size 


  • No place to catch the drained water
  1. NOYA Tofu Press: Easiest to use 

Pressing tofu can sometimes be hard work, but the NOYA Tofu Press makes it a breeze.

All you have to do is twist the central dial and this self-contained tofu press and its strong stainless steel spring will easily squeeze out the water in just 10-30mins.

It gives perfect, even, crack-free tofu every time, without all the effort of other presses.

The drip tray has an openable U shape that keeps pressed tofu from bathing in old moisture, making sure it stays fresh and ready to use.


  • Comes with a convenient pour spout on the top lid, so you can easily pour out the pressed water without re-opening the lid.
  • Has a clear water catcher that contains all the drained water and helps you easily choose, observe and record the desired consistency.
  • BPA free


  • It has a lot of parts, which can make it difficult to clean.
  1. EcoFeminii The Zofu: Best Home Tofu Making Kit & Tofu Press Combination 

The Tofu Press is a must-have for anyone who’s ever wanted to make their own tofu

It allows you to create your own tasty tofu at home, using the freshest ingredients and no preservatives. You can customise your tofu to be as firm or soft as you like, and it won’t come in any plastic packaging

The box itself is made from bamboo, which is both eco-friendly and stylish. It’s easy to clean, too:

The box is made from bamboo, which looks great and is easy to clean. And it can be collapsed for easy storage if you need the space.


  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Eliminates the need for plastic packaging and uses sustainably sourced bamboo
  • COST EFFECTIVE – You can make a large block of tofu from just 500 grams of dried soybeans, which works out as a fraction of the price compared to buying it ready-made.


  • Can be challenging to slot the pieces together 

So there you have it: our top picks for the best tofu presses available. We hope you enjoyed this post, and that it helps you find the perfect press for your needs!

If you’ve got any pressing questions about these presses or other recommendations, please shoot us a comment below!

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