The 5 Best Vegan Mascaras 2022 UK

Mascara is a product most people would call essential in their beauty routine. It’s that one makeup must-have that can make you look like a million bucks in under five minutes. But if you’re vegan, it can be hard to find one that doesn’t contain animal products or wasn’t tested on animals. Most mascaras contain ingredients like beeswax, guanine, lanolin (which comes from sheep’s wool), collagen (from animal sources), and carmine (crushed beetles).

Thankfully there are amazing vegan mascaras out there that are just as effective as regular mascaras, if not more! 

In fact vegan mascaras have been hailed as the better option for those with sensitive eyes as they are often free of certain harsh ingredients that can cause irritation and discomfort. 

We’ve rounded up our top five favourites—each one catering to a different need: sensitive eyes, volume, length, budget, and best overall. 

So save yourself time researching long ingredient lists and figuring out which mascaras are cruelty-free by checking out our list of the best vegan mascaras below!

BEST VEGAN MASCARA FOR SENSITIVE EYES – Poppy Austin – Vegan Mascara, Black

If you’re looking for the best vegan mascara for sensitive eyes, we think you will love Poppy Austin’s Argan Oil Vegan Mascara.

It has been the UK’s number one rated vegan mascara since 2016 and has over 7,500 global five-star customer reviews to prove why. The all-natural organic, fragrance-free formula can’t be found in any other mascara on the market. It’s bursting with eyelash-loving nutrients and is 8x MORE GENTLE than other chemical-based mascaras.

Its hypoallergenic formula is gentle and PH balanced which means it won’t sting or irritate even the most sensitive eyes.

And, because it’s handmade, carbon-friendly, and ethically harvested, you can feel good knowing that you’re doing something good for the world while looking gorgeous!

You can get this mascara on amazon or on their official website. 

BEST VEGAN MASCARA FOR LENGTH – Silly George Heart Eyes Mascara

If you’re looking for vegan mascara that lengthens lashes and is smudge-free, budge-free, and grudge-free, then we think Silly George Heart Eyes Mascara is for you!

This mascara offers great lash lengthening in one coat and you can trust that it’ll stay on through the day, even if you’ve got oily eyelids or watery eyes.

It has a gentle formulation that’s also cruelty-free & vegan, sulphate free and paraben free.

Plus, did we mention how cute the tube is?

BEST VEGAN MASCARA FOR VOLUME – Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 

The number one selling prestige mascara in America for over four years (and counting), this product has been racking up accolades left and right since its release.

There’s a reason they call it the holy grail of mascara…

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara promises to give you mind-blowing lashes every use, providing extreme volume and a more dramatic look with each coat. 

Their motto that ‘no lash will be left behind’ is because the mascara’s hourglass-shaped brush can reach and coat both tops and bottoms of every little lash.

The formula contains film forming polymers, which means they’ll stick to your lashes and hold them in place. The peptides that condition the lashes ensure that they won’t get dry or brittle and the Acacia Senegal tree extract sets volume, so you can get that extra flutter of lashes you’ve always dreamed of! 

BEST BUDGET-FRIENDLY VEGAN MASCARA – Rimmel Kind and Free Clean Mascara 

We love that Rimmel took steps in the right direction by introducing their first clean makeup line!

This mascara is a great option for those of you who are looking for a budget-friendly vegan mascara that’s free from fragrance, mineral oils, animal-derived ingredients, and cruelty.

It’s got a caring formula that strengthens and promotes lash growth over time – perfect for those who want to grow their lashes but don’t want to use harsh chemicals on them every day.

It’s gentle enough for sensitive eyes, but strong enough to give you striking lashes that will last all day long.

The two shades available are black and brown black, so you can choose how bold you want your look to be.


Kat Von D, famous for her tattoos and celebrity status as well as being a tattoo artist and entrepreneur, also has an amazing line of beauty products. 

The Kat Von D Beauty brand is widely known for its commitment to animal rights, and this reputation is well-deserved. The company sources 100% vegan ingredients and uses alternative methods to traditional testing. Even the packaging is eco-friendly!

With an amazing vegan formula that creates an eye-opening effect that lasts all day without smudging, Go Big or Go Home is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to go big and be kind to animals in the process.

It is powered by plant-based fats instead of beeswax, a real win for your lashes and for bees! The formula contains olive and sunflower oils, which are high in fatty acids that help to strengthen your lashes and won’t cause irritation.

It comes in a high-pigment shade called Trooper Black and has a custom-designed brush with wavy fibre bristles that coat each lash.

And if those weren’t enough reasons to love it, consider this: consumers are raving about this product online and not just because it’s cruelty-free! Its results speak for themselves.

Thanks so much for checking out our list of the best vegan mascaras! We hope it’s been helpful in finding the right product for your eyelash needs.

Remember that even if you can’t see animal products on the ingredient list, it might not be vegan – it’s always best to check on the brand’s website or look out for the certified vegan logo.

You can also check on Peta’s ‘Beauty without Bunnies’ or other sites that offer vegan product recommendations.

If you think we missed any great ones, let us know!

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